These are very strange times. While there are some restrictions on daily life we find people are going to extremes and shutting down completely. There is no need to do this. The media are hyping everything, everyone is suddenly an armchair expert, but it is about time some common sense prevailed. Even before Covid-19 existed many people had lost the ability to think outside the box. Every website you visit you have to click on annoying messages to accept the terms and conditions which no one ever reads. In general people had forgotten to laugh, and take everything all too seriously, political correctness is more important than a good joke and a tick box “Computer Says No” mentality has set in stifling innovation and logical creativity. The same is true in business, demanding everything instantly, being arrogant and ignorant and charging for every single second like you’re a divorce solicitor is what has become normal.

Of course at Transport Dynamics we are worried about health, wellbeing, and a surging death rate, but we are also worried about how we are going to get our haircut to avoid looking like Cousin It and when McDonalds will reopen. A sense of perspective is needed. Above all we want to see business continuity, even though we cannot see our clients face to face we still want to see their business and projects prosper.

We expect project workload to reduce in the short term, but rather than put our feet up we are inviting architects, town planners, project managers and developers to get in touch about potential projects that we can review and provide some upfront advice which hopefully allows potential schemes to be unlocked.