Transport Dynamics was founded by Tom Swift. We are a vibrant, established, independent, effective and results driven company providing specialist transport planning advice to developers, professional agencies, landowners and individuals across the development spectrum. No project is too big or small, we pride ourselves on offering the same attentive service regardless of project size and we are proud to have built strong and long standing client relationships. We cut through bureaucratic processes. We take a no-nonsense approach to bureaucracy, we peel away swathes of red tape through endeavour, we achieve optimum results through innovative approaches that are cost effective and deliver for our clients.

Delivering Quality

It is the company’s policy that Clients should be able to rely on the day to day involvement of a principal on their projects. Transport Dynamics aims to provide a high quality, responsive, Client-centric service, retaining a clear sight of the Client’s ultimate objectives.

We are passionate about our work and apply new ideas and challenge traditional thinking in order to provide creative solutions to problems. We are often brought into projects that have previously failed to get a planning consent in order to provide advice on a way forward and work with the transport and highway authorities to tackle their issues and provide an innovative solution.

Collaborative Working

We consider the consultation process and the relationships with both stakeholders and the general public to be vital for a successful application. We have extensive experience of undertaking this work through such means as public consultations, workshops, technical meetings and design inquiries.

​One of our key skills is to communicate technical transport information to the general public in “lay” language. We also pride ourselves in developing good working relationships with Clients and other consultants working within project teams.But it is also important to be flexible and innovative in order to be able to respond to what is inevitably an evolving project whilst remaining focussed on the key tasks and project milestones.

Modus Operandi

As Transport Planning professionals we have all worked in different work settings and environments, be it large unaccountable and inefficient PLCs where individuals are regarded as a number on a spreadsheet, medium sized companies that have become bloated and lost their way and micro companies which struggle to make their mark due to scale. We have taken the best ingredients of these three organisation types, and our varying experiences, and created a wholesome dynamic company which focuses on delivering high quality work and does not have a tick box, form filling and bureaucratic mentality. We also have a flat line management structure.From our backgrounds we know that in general there is a sliding scale of work that needs to be undertaken and any output is required to be proportionate to the impacts of the development. Proportionality is a cornerstone of our approach. There is often simply not the need to gold plate all work, but we make sure that any output is robust and is capable of withstanding intense scrutiny which may or may not occur depending on the local community or district. It is imperative that any work has to be bullet proof, but concise, and the best report is a short report.

Every local authority will scrutinise a submission to varying degrees of intensity. We make sure any submission we make is robust enough to withstand a high level of scrutiny and critical comment, but does not cost more than is necessary in professional fees or production time.